Gearing up for Christmas sales

Gearing up for Christmas sales

It feels way too early to start promoting Christmas items and pushing for Christmas sales. But after the way this week went - exactly the opposite as planned - I realized I really do need to get a jump on my Christmas items. There are just 5 shows left this year before Christmas where you can shop with me in person.  There’s just over 9 weeks left before Christmas, so I should be saying there’s just 7 weeks left for getting any special orders in so I can have time to make them and get them to you - whether that’s in person or shipping.


I have been trying to keep the web site updated and depending on how many nights I actually get to work on creating, I could end up a little behind. I’m still trying to find the rhythm that works. I do also try to post on my Facebook page ( the creations I’m working on, so there’s another place to check out the works in progress.


Besides the 5 more shows, you can also find my items in Maine Micro Artisans, located in the Bangor mall in the old Macy’s wing, where Furniture Mattress and More is located.  Also in Belfast there’s a charming little hand made store called Simply Blessed and More just a little off the main drag which is another location you can find my creations.


So, to conclude this first blog, I’ll list the important dates coming up: the shows and deadline for special orders.

October 28, 9-3, Brewer High School

November 4, 9-3, Penobscot Christian School

November 18-9, 9-5 each day, Bangor Mall

December 2, 9-2, HCTC

December 6, Deadline for special orders in to me

December 16, 9-2, Old Town Elks Lodge

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