About custom orders

I love doing custom orders for people. In fact, many of my designs and creations have been sparked by someone’s request or suggestion.


I have made a grandmother necklace… clocks with specified colors or themes… a carousel with different animals for each family members… and many other “smaller” customizations. 

Sometimes I don’t have the color or size requested. Sometimes adjustments are wanted to a design I do have. Just let me know and I would love to make you a custom item.


As I’m learning about creating a web site, I am also trying to figure out how to make custom order requests easily available to you. Currently I have a notes section at checkout to mention any requests. That would probably be the best way to request an adjustment (size/color) to items I already create.  And there is always the chat feature. This would probably be better if you have a brand new idea you want to see if I can create for you.  I’m sure as we learn and grow this site together, we’ll figure out some other ways to make it easier for you to request just what you want.


Thank you for visiting this site and letting me create something for you.